P.S.A.Compliant. C.R.O. 474122   ”NO SERVICE NO FEE”  Contact Denis in Enniscorthy, Wexford.   Phone  053 9235062


Q. Are you compliant with the new P.S.A. (Private Security Authority) guidelines 2015, of the Private Security Services Act 2004?

A. Yes, under Section 6 (a) of the P.S.A. guidelines Form PSA 53A 2015, of the Private Security Services Act 2004, I am compliant as I serve the Summons/Document on the person named at the address stated on the documentation and on the basis of information supplied with the documentation .

Q. Do I have to instruct a Solicitor to have Family Law documents served by you?

A. No. The  Family Law District  Court or Circuit Court will issue you the documents for service on the Respondent and I will serve/deliver them. I will then lodge all documents in the Court office.

Q. Do you serve/deliver Family Law Maintenance summonses?

A. Yes I serve/deliver these summonses. I take great care to be sensitive with these cases,and I negotiate a rate depending on clients circumstances.

Q. Do you serve/deliver DIVORCE PETITIONS and related PAPERS ?

A. Yes, I serve all DIVORCE PETITIONS and related PAPERS and have served them numerous times for Solicitor Firms in Australia, Kenya, South Africa, U.S.A. the U.K. and other countries, where people abroad need papers served in Ireland as a result of separation applications.

Q. Is the company a registered entity?

A. Yes,  SUMMONS SERVERS IRELAND,  is  State Registered.  

Q. Do you collect documentation?

A. Yes, collection of all documentation and return of served paperwork  can be arranged for the purpose of security of all concerned.


Q. Do you serve/deliver Family Law, Maintenance Orders documents for private individuals?

A. Yes, I serve/deliver  all Family Law documents.

Q. What other counties, apart from Wexford, do you serve?

A.    I serve/deliver in Wexford, Wicklow, Waterford, Kilkenny, Carlow, Kildare, Laois, Dublin.

Q. Do you serve Subpeona Summons?

A. Yes, I serve/deliver Subpeona Summons and also High Court Summons, Circuit Court Summons, District Court Summons and Civil Litigation Summons. Federal Summons. Divorce Petitions.  

Q. What timeframe is there for service?

A. Usually the documents are served within three days of  collection, if the recipient is readily available.

Q. What is your success rate in percentage terms for service?

A. I have a 95% success rate  for service.

Q. Can you give evidence in Courts?

A. Yes.  Evidence can and has be given in all Courts.

Q. Is the ”Hague Service Convention” familiar to your company in relation to Process/Summons Service of documentation to be used abroad.

A. Yes. Notary is used to witness Affidavit and Declaration of Service. Apostille certification of Notary for Member States of Hague Convention.