P.S.A. (Private Security Authority) Compliant.  C.R.O.474122         ”NO SERVICE NO FEE”

I do NOT conduct any inquiries regarding Respondents business or  character. I do NOT furnish any client with any other information regarding the Respondent. 

I adhere strictly with the guidelines outlined by the P.S.A. with regard to ”Summons Servers”. 

I will serve the documents purely on the information supplied to me by the client on instruction. 

SUMMONS SERVERS IRELAND is fully compliant with the Private Security Services Act 2004 & P.S.A. guidelines and in particular Section 6 (a) of Form PSA 53A, October 2015 (Summons/Document served on the person(s) named on the documentation at the address shown on the document and served on the basis of information provided with the Summons/Document)


We serve/deliver documents for Solicitors and Law Firms in counties,Wexford,






I have served/delivered several Maintenance Summons for private individuals, as a result of new rulings in Family Law. Solicitors have referred clients to me to serve.

I   tailor  costs with regards to Means when dealing with Family Law.